El paisaje invisible

El paisaje invisible

27.12.22 28.02.23

Xippas Punta del Este Past

Ernesto Ballesteros

Eduardo Basualdo

Waltercio Caldas

Yamandú Canosa

Saint Clair Cemin

Matías Duville

Matías Ercole

Leandro Erlich

Rita Fischer

Diego Focaccio

Carolina Fontana

Nicolás García Uriburu

Sebastián Gordin

Sarah Grilo

Vicente Grondona

Cao Guimarães

Max Gómez Canle

Ignacio Iturria

Ricardo Lanzarini

Fernando López Lage

Marco Maggi

Vik Muniz

Irina Raffo

Pablo Reinoso

Pablo Siquier

Eduardo Stupía

Janaina Tschäpe

Dani Umpi

Sigismond de Vajay

Opening December 27, from 6 pm
Curated by Manuel Neves

Xippas Punta del Este is pleased to inaugurate a new exhibition season with a group show featuring the artists of the gallery as well as numerous guest artists, all from the South America region. Curated by Manuel Neves, the exhibition will offer a wide panorama of the Latin American contemporary art scene.


This exhibition, designed specifically for the Xippas Punta del Este space, displays an important group of Latin American artists who develop an extremely diverse range of projects, both in their media and techniques, and in their aesthetic and narrative formulations.

All of the artists share a connection to landscape, nature or geography, yet the manner in which they represent these three concepts is diverse, non-traditional and highly poetic. Although the exhibition presents a subjective and partial panorama of contemporary Argentinean, Brazilian and Uruguayan artistic production, the tension or dialogue created between the works reflects the present moment. The show aims to expose contemporaneity in a delicate balance between the local and the global, between the political and the aesthetic, between erudition and frivolity, between influence and omission, between nostalgia and amnesia.

– Manuel Neves

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