Riviera del Sussurro

Riviera del Sussurro

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Xippas Geneva On view
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Lionel Estève

Luigi Ghirri

Olaf Holzapfel

Sonia Kacem

Vik Muniz

Xippas Geneva is pleased to present Riviera del Sussurro, a group show featuring works by international artists Lionel Estève, Luigi Ghirri, Olaf Holzapfel, Sonia Kacem and Vik Muniz.

Renowned French artist Lionel Estève presents in Geneva stone sculptures, continuing his exploration of natural beauty and motifs found in the environment. Recently honored with a solo exhibition at the Musée des Arts Contemporains Grand-Hornu in Belgium, Lionel Estève is famous for his unique approach that merges art and nature. His works capture the subtlety of natural transformations, offering a visual meditation on the temporality and fragility of our world. Using organic elements, he creates pieces that resonate with discreet poetry, transforming found objects into artistic testimonials of ephemeral nature. His work, recognized internationally, reflects a deep sensitivity and technical mastery that place him among the most influential artists of his generation. Through his creations, he invites viewers to a thoughtful and amazed contemplation of nature, redefining the boundaries between art and environment.

Luigi Ghirri, an iconic figure in Italian and international photography, continues to exert major influence more than thirty years after his premature death. His works, renowned for their ability to transform ordinary scenes into poetic explorations of perception and memory, are presented in a unique collection in Geneva. A pioneer of conceptual photography, Ghirri captured the essence of contemporary Italy with a particular sensitivity to colors and everyday details. His work has been the subject of numerous prestigious monographic exhibitions, including one at the Castello di Rivoli (2012), one at the Jeu de Paume (2019), and an upcoming one at MASI Lugano in Switzerland (08.09.2024 – 26.01.2025). Ghirri’s legacy is marked by his innovative approach to photography, blending documentation and imagination, and his lasting influence on generations of artists. His images offer a profound reflection on how we see and interpret the world, inviting viewers to a contemplative and often melancholic appreciation of familiar landscapes and objects.

German artist Olaf Holzapfel, winner of the prestigious Zurich Art Prize this year, is currently featured in a solo exhibition at the Museum Haus Konstruktiv. Known for his innovative explorations of materials and space, Holzapfel present in Geneva one of his chaguar works, using organic materials to create structures that defy traditional art conventions. Holzapfel has often been praised for his ability to transform simple materials into complex and evocative creations, fostering a dialogue between art, environment, and human perception. His unique approach has not only redefined the limits of contemporary sculpture but has also established a new understanding of the interaction between artwork and the space it occupies.

For her second participation in a group exhibition at the gallery, Geneva-based artist Sonia Kacem explores themes such as material and its accumulation, the definition of volumes through lines and drapery, and the ornament-sign. Her abstract compositions, sometimes imposing, play with forms and colors to invite immersion and visual pleasure. Aligning her work with the minimalist art tradition, notably that of American artist Robert Morris, Sonia Kacem examines the impact of gravity on matter and the tensions that animate it. Using simple materials and refined gestures, she creates works that defy conventions and captivate with their visual poetry. Winner of the Manor Prize (2014) and the Zurich Art Prize (2021), she has had solo exhibitions at the Mamco (2014), the Centre d’art contemporain Genève (2016), the Museum Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich (2021), and most recently at the Château de Gruyères (2024).

Brazilian artist Vik Muniz, whose artistic practice spans three decades, is internationally recognized for the complexity of his photographic works. Using unconventional materials such as chocolate, jam, sugar, pigments, dust, and waste, Muniz recreates masterpieces of art history and iconic scenes from popular culture. In his new series titled “Surfaces”, he once again explores the dichotomy between the object and its representation. Revisiting the works of abstract painters such as Josef Albers, Hans Arp and Milton Avery, Muniz employs a hybrid process combining collage, painting, and high-resolution digital photography. His unique trompe-l’œil photographs interrogate the mechanisms of representation and the hierarchy between “original” and “copy” at a time when our relationship to art and image is mediated by the omnipresence of digital media. According to the artist, “the difference between the work and its image almost no longer exists,” thus offering a profound reflection on the possible interpretations of material reality.

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