Emilie Ding

Xippas Geneva
Exhibition view Xippas Geneva, 2016 © Annik Wetter

Born in 1981 in Freiburg, Switzerland, Emilie Ding lives and works in Geneva, Switzerland and Berlin, Germany.

Emilie Ding’s work, which mainly takes the form of drawing and sculpture, shows an attraction for structural forms derived from construction and modern architecture. Appropriating elements from these aesthetics, she modifies them by pushing the limits of the techniques she uses to the limit. Crosses, angles, metal, concrete; so many concrete forms and raw materials, representative of the spaces that surround us, that the artist exploits, even abuses. By multiplying these works on paper as well as isolating them in space, the artist seeks, through their format, their technique and the signs she applies to them, to take the viewer’s body into the fields of force created between these objects, the architecture of the place that hosts them and its history.

Emilie Ding graduated in 2008 from the HEAD – Geneva, and has exhibited in numerous contemporary art spaces in Switzerland and abroad, including the Migrosmuseum, Zürich, the Aargauer Kunsthaus, the Palais de Tokyo, Paris, and the Centre Pompidou Kanal, Brussels. In 2015, she exhibited at the Mamco, Geneva, five massive pieces made of concrete slabs and measuring 2.50 metres in height, on which she drew the memory of the place. She has won several prizes including the Swiss Art Awards, the Gandur Foundation for Art Prize, the Grolsch Prize and the Liechti Foundation for the Arts Prize. In 2017, she won the distinction of the most beautiful Swiss books for the artist’s book “But time is not linear….”, which manipulates, through a dense and systematic layout, references of modern architecture. In 2018, she is co-editing the special issue “Visuals” for the scientific journal GSS, which deals with questions of gender and sexuality in the field of contemporary art practices. She is also a teacher at HEAD – Geneva.


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