Emilie Ding + Alizée Lenox,
The Monument Is Listening, concert-performance echoing Emilie Ding's installation on the façade of the Mirabaud building

Emilie Ding + Alizée Lenox Performance-concert, creation, public space in front of building facade 29 Bd Georges-Favon
October 20, 2023
Emilie Ding draws her inspiration from the constructed, the structural elements of buildings to design works on paper and sculptures with a minimalist language and great graphic and physical strength. His monumental work How High You Can Count (2017) consists of luminescent tubes installed on the facade of the Mirabaud bank in Geneva. Six compositions of colored segments reveal and amplify the grid structure of the façade. Clean, enigmatic, they are the result of a rigorous protocol which translates, like a code, in DD / MM / YYYY format, the dates of birth and death of the American artist and composer Pauline Oliveros (30.05. 1932-24.11.2016).


Theoretician and practitioner of Deep Listening, a principle based on the idea of simultaneously considering the complexity of the field of listening and the vastness of that of hearing, in a sensitive dialogue, Pauline Oliveros has developed a minimal sound language , born from an attention devoted to the spatial and acoustic characteristics of places, which she reveals through the sound medium. How High You Can Count pays homage to the art of Pauline Oliveros, open to musical, philosophical and spiritual dimensions.

For KorSonoR, Emilie Ding was invited to imagine a performance in front of the facade of the building, which will have How High You Can Count as a “stage background”, and which will extend the tribute with a sound proposal in the spirit of the work of Pauline Oliveros. She invited sound artist Alizée Lenox, who is heavily influenced by New York No Wave and the minimalist avant-garde. His compositions make extensive use of repetitions, sound layers and dissonances as means of creating poetic explorations on the guitar. She develops her own techniques by combining objects (drill, plumbing pipes, brush) and materials (glass, ceramics, vegetation) with her guitar. His practice is essentially performative. She regularly collaborates with visual artists.ne.x.s.

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