Pablo Reinoso – Uprooted

Pablo Reinoso


05.02.22 11.04.22

Xippas Punta del Este Past
05 Reinoso2

Xippas is pleased to present Uprooted by Pablo Reinoso in its space in Punta del Este. The exhibition features a new series of sculptures and his new work in painting.

With the Uprooted series, Pablo Reinoso blends together the sinuous curves of his sculptural works with the organic shapes of storm-felled, bronze-cast tree branches. The artworks’ base serves as a resting structure for the natural element, which pursues its growth in a swirl of interwoven lines. Each sculpture has a unique structure, built on a delicate balance between stillness and movement, suggesting both strength and precarity.

Part of his “Trees” series, Pablo Reinoso Uprooted sculptures speak to the complexity of our relationship to the natural world. If they evoke the impact of human activity on our ecosystem, they also suggest new possibilities of existence and cohabitation.

In 2020, Pablo Reinoso began working on a series of paintings, allowing him to develop his formal and creative research through an entirely new medium. By exploring the pictorial surface through the materiality of the ink, the artist creates black and white compositions that evoke organic shapes and forms in contraction and expansion.
Blending both figurative and abstract elements, these paintings evoke life on a microscopic scale, a life that emerges directly from the pictorial surface, spilling over onto the next sheet, following a movement of growth which also underpins the artist’s sculptural work. Very much like the wood and steel of his sculptures, the Chinese ink of these paintings seems to escape the spatial constraints of the surface, spreading in multiple directions.

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