Peter Halley

Peter Halley, one of the most emblematic artists of his generation, is recognized in the history of contemporary painting as the legitimate heir of American abstraction. He first became known in the New York art scene in the mid-1980s, before reaching international fame more than 25 years ago as a major figure of geometric abstraction. The use of industrial materials, synthetic mortar, Day-Glo, Roll-a-Tex, and fluorescent acrylic paint, as well as recurrent patterns of circuits and cells, create Peter Halley’s signature of instantaneous visual impact. For the artist, geometry is a metaphor for contemporary society. His iconography unfolds in a series of abstract forms that reference everything from architecture to societal organizations. Peter Halley’s critical approach is not only expressed in his paintings, but also in his articles and essays on post-structuralism, post-modernism, and the 1980s digital revolution.