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Xippas Arte Contemporáneo is pleased to announce Abstraction, a group show of contemporary abstract painting by artists from Germany, Spain, USA, England, Argentina and Uruguay.

Abstraction refers to the most essential art characters, its chromatic, formal and structural aspects. Using materials like acrylic, pigment, graphite, paper, resin or aluminum, the works exhibited establish a particular type of relationship between the artwork and the viewer. Some artists go after invariable rules and systems, while others discover inherent laws through creative experiences

We no longer believe that abstraction at least as envisioned by the purists of the twentieth century, is possible today. Who would, like Mondrian or Malevich, seriously think that a painting can change the world? Even the historicist conception no longer applies: no one would dare isolate a mainstream and declare the rest of contemporary production irrelevant or marginal. At the turn of the 1980s, this impasse had led one to believe that the only solution for artists interested in abstraction was re-making and de-constructing a preexisting vocabulary with a critical intent. Even that option has shown its limits. So, what do we do when confronted with a picture made of nothing but a few colored lines or shapes, with no recognizable image or even an obvious quotation on view? Do we simply enyoy it? Or do we consider that it is motivated by something else? A desire maybe, tinged with the knowledge that utopias are out of date in art, to resume a path long since closed –to unwind an already trodden path and slightly alter it along the way. Éric de Chassey, Continuous Abstraction

Exhibited artists are: José Manuel Broto, Peter Halley, Herbert Hamak, Ian Davenport, Fernando López Lage, Michael Scott, James Siena, Eduardo Stupía, Dan Walsh.

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