Inauguration of two works by Pablo Reinoso on the new Sciences Po Campus in Paris (Saint-Thomas)

Pablo Reinoso – Sciences PO

Pablo Reinoso’s sculptures Balade Chambord (Right & Left), 2022, will be installed in the new Campus of Sciences Po in Paris. The installation will be on view during one year, from June 6, 2023 to May 2024.

Emblematic of Pablo Reinoso’ work, these eminently social artworks flourish since the 2000s across public spaces, within urban, natural and heritage sites charged with meaning and history, where they define new living spaces, encourage social and performative practices and incite symbolic and affective interactions.

By installing two of his emblematic sculptures on the terrace overlooking the square facing The Innovation Pavilion (Balade Chambord, Right and Balade Chambord, Left), Pablo Reinoso seeks to create a new space of sociability, inscribing an ideal of connection within a place of transit. Composed of two sculptures whose extremities unfold respectively on the right and left side of the seating object, the installation immediately establishes the notion of connection, evoking the bonds that are woven within the institution of Sciences Po between the multiple fields of education and research as well as between the different members of its academic community.

Pablo Reinoso’s sculptures echo the missions of Sciences Po’s new campus as a place of study, learning and exchange open to the city of Paris and to society as a whole. Offering a privileged view on the Gribeauval Court, these two sculptures reinforce this space’s symbolic significance as the heart of the Campus, connecting its various living, working and research spaces.

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