Xippas + Polígrafa

Xippas + Polígrafa

09.12.20 29.05.21

Xippas Montevideo Past


Saint Clair Cemin, León Ferrari, Ricardo Lanzarini, Julio Le Parc, Jorge Macchi, Marco Maggi, Pablo Reinoso, James Siena, Antoni Tàpies, Luis Tomasello

Xippas is proud to announce its collaboration with Polígrafa, one of Barcelona’s most renowned and established print galleries, and which will now host its work in Montevideo for the very first time.

Founded in the 1960s by Manual de Muga, Polígrafa has collaborated with over 300 artists, amongst them several of those represented in our gallery, including James Siena, Peter Halley, José Manuel Broto, Marco Maggi, Pablo Reinoso, y Saint Clair Cemin.

Our first exhibition will showcase a selection of works by León Ferrari, Jorge Macchi, Julio Le Parc, Ricardo Lanzarini, James Siena, Marco Maggi, Antoni Tàpies, Pablo Reinoso, Luis Tomasello y Saint Claire Cemin.
This showing will provide a unique opportunity to explore in detail the exceptional work that Polígrafa has been producing since its foundation, and which remains until today under the direction of José Aloy.

Currently Polígrafa continues developing new projects in the workshop located in Barcelona, to which renowned contemporary artists are invited. The selection of artists is rigorously carried
out. The print making process normally includes a period during which the artists come to the workshop, where they work on the printing plates that are later tested by the technicians at Polígrafa. Once the artist gives their approval «Bon à tirer» better known as «B.A.T», the works are ready to be printed and finally signed.

It is in this way, that Poligrafa has achieved a work methodology that allows it to be the standard in the production of graphic editions, and to attend the world’s main art fairs, including Art Basel, Art Basel Miami Beach, Arco Madrid, and Art Basel Hong Kong since their first editions. Polígrafa is also a member of the IFPDA (International Fine Print dealers Association) and exhibit at the IFPDA’s yearly New York fairs.

In forthcoming exhibitions, Xippas will present Polígrafa’s most recent works with Pablo Atchugarry, Vik Muniz, y Janaina Tschäpe.

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