Stéphane Dafflon – Tilted + Blurred

Stéphane Dafflon

Tilted + Blurred

12.05.23 24.06.23

Xippas Geneva Past

For his new exhibition at Xippas Gallery, Stéphane Dafflon will present two new series of paintings created this year for our Geneva spaces.

Stéphane Dafflon’s paintings are simple in appearance, strangely smooth, perfectly mastered. Made of geometrical and abstract forms with clear contours, the works of the Swiss artist first of all attract by their effective sobriety and their visual strength.

From his computer, the artist constructs shapes, combines them, shifts them; one line stretches, another splits slightly. He also plays with combinations of colours, the combination of different shades, transparencies and overlays. As neutral codes AST408-AST409-AST410 and so on, the titles of this new series follow an established and precise protocol that only holds to the factual: a material (AST – Acrylic on canvas) and a chronology indicating the position in the order of creation.

First created digitally and then transposed onto canvas or wall, Stéphane Dafflon’s works acquire their full meaning once inscribed in their environment. Thus, in space, the simple forms give rhythm and question our relationship to the architecture in which we find ourselves. Here, like the grid, the straight pavements inserted into the straight pavements play with transparency and coloured vibrations to create checkerboards, games of depth and volume.

On entering the exhibition, the viewer is faced with paintings of different sizes which, like coloured prisms, provoke optical effects and awaken our physical sensations. From concrete art and minimalism in forms and colours to graphic design in the computer-assisted creation process, his paintings question our ever-changing perception, and the painting becomes more than ever a poetic window on the world.

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