Vera Lutter's work Folding Four in One will be on view during the exhibition Time at the Kunsthaus, Zurich

Vera Lutter, Folding Four In One, 2009

Discover a captivating journey through time in this unique exhibition that explores the history of ideas around time and many forms of its measurement and perception. From the Renaissance to the present, it presents a variety of artistic positions as well as clocks that incorporate biological, social and economic perspectives.

Conceived by Kunsthaus curator Cathérine Hug over three years in dialogue with international experts David Rooney (London), Mónica Bello (CERN, Meyrin), Nathalie Marielloni and Régis Huguenin-Dumittan (MIH, La Chaux-de-Fonds), this sensory journey through the history of time features paintings, films, installations, performances and watches. They attest to the ephemeral nature of life, the scope for meditation opened up by painting, the changing seasons, and financial markets that are now synchronized down to the last nanosecond. Starting with the clock as an instrument for measuring time, the presentation goes on to examine perspectives such as the physical, biological and palaeontological, along with personal perceptions, in six chapters covering all of the 1,200-square-metre exhibition space. Participatory performances and installations offer an appealing way for Kunsthaus visitors to debate different visions of the future against the backdrop of an Anthropocene epoch marked by increasing speculation about how much time both individuals and humanity as a whole have left to ensure their survival on – and with – Planet Earth.

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