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Xippas Athens Past

Jeremy Dickinson dedicates himself to the methodical and meticulous reproduction on canvas of all sorts of vehicles; cars, buses, tracks, cranes, containers are rendered in every detail with the same zeal and devotion he showed as a child to his miniature cars.
Dickinson doesn’t allow himself any omission, any distortion of reality.
The meticulous reconstruction, resembling a photograph, alludes to the wish for reviving a memory and immortalizing its content. Although the vehicles depicted in Dickinson’s works at first glance seem to be true copies of reαl vehicles, the expert eye will soon realize that they are only childrens’ toys, models, miniature cars, reproductions of a reproduction.
Vehicles of all Kinds stacked in a fragile uncertain balance, piles of scrap in junkyards where a 1930 Buick may coexist with a 1990 Jaguar, huge cacti near cars having the same size as them, all these indications lead us to understand that we are facing a world of miniatures..

New elements enter the picture in his latest work, part of which will be exhibited in his first one-man show at the Xippas Gallery in Athens. They are objects he grew up with, mementoes from his childhood – a swiss miniature cow, a scarecrow, a cactus – that coexist in his works with the cars and function as ‘street furniture’.

Jeremy Dickinson was born in 1963 in Yorkshire, England. He studied at Goldsmith’ s College. He lives and works in London. He has had one man shows in Europe (Horsens Museum, Denmark 2004, HammerSidi Gallery, London 2003, Galerie Xippas, Paris 2001, 1999), in USA (“Autojumble”, Sara Meltzer Galley, New York 2004, 2002, Anthony Meier Fine Arts, California 2001, 1998), in Korea and in Japan (Tomio Koyama Gallery, Tokyo 2002, 2000, Seomi Art, Seoul Korea 2001) and has participated in many group exhibitions.




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