Dean Monogenis – Liminal Tide

Dean Monogenis

Liminal Tide

13.01.23 04.03.23

Xippas Geneva Past

Xippas Gallery in Geneva is pleased to present Liminal Tide, a solo exhibition by Dean Monogenis. The American-born of Greek descent artist’s paintings depict dreamlike spaces in which architectural and natural elements intertwine. He depicts modernist buildings, colourful scaffolding, and imaginary architects’ houses amidst rocky landscapes overgrown with wild vegetation. Balancing on the border between reality and fantasy, his works seem to embody a state of permanent transition, a continuous dialogue between urbanisation and nature, forging a utopian vision with a dystopian touch.

In general, Dean Monogenis paints on wood or aluminum panels with the use of stencils and tape and combines abstract elements with painterly components depicted in all the fascinating details. The lines, edges and textures are very important to him. His gesture is premeditated and precise without compromising spontaneity.

“At the beginning of the Pandemic, in the early ensuing chaos of lockdowns and travel restrictions I wanted to distill my imagery down to its basic elements of land, water, and architecture. Physically restricted to travel in person my desire was to create something like a set of fantasy post cards that were descriptive of places I traveled in my mind. The linking element between all these images, the supporting rhythm or beat became the stripe. A motif I have used in many variations and to symbolize many different things would this time consistently represent the water.” – Dean Monogenis

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