Alain Biltereyst

Alain Biltereyst was born in 1965. He lives and works in Elingen (Belgium). As a painter, Alain Biltereyst pays particular attention to the beauty of designs – generally graphic – which surround us on a daily basis: a manhole cover, a pattern on a fence or the logo painted on the tail of an airplane. In creating his works, the artist is interested in superposition and repetition and shows an affinity for certain patterns of color and form. During his wanderings, he seeks out gems of color, shape and composition which he discovers on billboards or other media. The colors of logos and graphic patterns are then transposed and re-interpreted with brushes, using a layered technique, so that his works are halfway between a precious object and a fragment from the world of design. The scale of these paintings, mainly on wooden panels, invite the viewer to pay a tribute to the world of advertising and design. And through works of identical formats, whether small or large, the artist draws forgotten parallels between the history of abstraction and that of a more common visual universe.