Cinema Room

We are happy to present a new cinema cycle, dedicated to Vera Lutter’s recent work and projects. This cycle consists of a film realized by LACMA on the artists’ two-years residency in this major museum and an interview produced by Paris Photo allowing to get closer to Vera Lutter’s reflections and creative process.   

  • Vera Lutter

    Vera Lutter revived and renewed the camera obscura in an unusual and magical way both in terms of the medium use and the final result. sing room-sized structures or shipping containers fitted with a pinhole, she projects and exposes the outside scene directly onto photosensitive paper. The photographic process reverses the tones on the paper – the sky is black, buildings are white – inverting also the image. The artist often inhabits the camera during the long exposures, which can last hours, days or even weeks. Because the resulting images are made without negative, they are unique and cannot be reproduced.