Cinema Room

  • Marco Maggi : Micro-revolution

    On the occasion of the upcoming Marco Maggi’s personal show in our Paris gallery, Xippas is happy to dedicate new episode of Cinema Room to his work. “Micro-revolution”, a program by Marco Maggi, will consist of two chapters featuring two separate films, gradually introducing you into the artist’s vertiginous universe of detail and precision.

  • Peter Halley : A HOUSE (ep. 1)

    On the occasion of the inauguration of Peter Halley’s solo exhibition in Paris, we are happy to dedicate our new two-episode “Cinema Room” program to a further exploration of his abstract universe. In this first episode, we would like to invite you on a journey that goes beyond Peter Halley’s iconic paintings into a complicated, labyrinthine and cryptic space. Space filled with hidden references and alchemical transformations.