Cinema Room

  • Peter Halley : HETEROTOPIA I (ep. 1)

    On the occasion of the inauguration of Peter Halley’s solo exhibition in Paris, we are happy to dedicate our new two-episode “Cinema Room” program to a further exploration of his abstract universe. In this first episode, we would like to invite you on a journey that goes beyond Peter Halley’s iconic paintings into a complicated, labyrinthine and cryptic space. Space filled with hidden references and alchemical transformations.

  • Peter Halley : EXPLODING CELL (ep. 2)

    We are happy to share with you the second part of our Peter Halley program. In this new episode, we suggest we travel back in time, to the 80s. We will encounter the protagonists of Peter Halley’s abstract vocabulary in their ideological beginning, spotted in unusual for them settings. They will evolve, act and perform, like movie characters, in a captivating (and Peter Halley’s only) animation video from 1983.