Anne Deleporte

Anne Deleporte

30.10.04 04.12.04

Xippas Paris Past

Anne Deleporte’s work is based on the appearance and disappearance of images in different media such as photography, video, and installation. Her plural and unconventional vision evolved from a constant desire to reveal the tangibility of seeing. Instead of constructing an appearance, the image becomes the site of an apparition: paradoxically, it is in disappearing that the artist reveals the nature of her photography.

In the work of Anne Deleporte, the appearance of the image is often created through an invention, insofar as one “invents” a treasure, or as one discovers something which is hidden. In her exhibition at Galerie Xippas, Anne Deleporte will present the video Bullets 28 and a series of 28 color photographs entitled Bullets (camera obscura). The latter consists of a series of digital photographs created without a camera. A 35 mm blank – and therefore black – slide is used instead, pierced by a needle. However, contrary to the camera obscura, where the image appears through a hole, the perforations here force the material image to disappear. Alternatively, the punctured film gradually allows for a lit space to appear, eliciting qualities more of drawing than photography. These photographs are the source of the video Bullets 28. Set on a loop, the progression of the image is synced with the noise of detonated firearms. It is the sound which creates the fiction in the work.

Simultaneously, Anne Deleporte will present Bullets (drama), an enlarged slide whose image is the source of a short film Bullets 43 created by the same process as mentioned above: perforations let appear a moving sky. An act makes an image – an image that is born from the destruction of its medium.
Bullets (action) was shown at Roebling Hall in New York during the exhibition Bush League, as well as at Laura Marciaj in Rio de Janiero. Additionally, it was shown at the Brooklyn Academy of Music in New York from October 7 – 18.

Anne Deleporte was born in France in 1960; she works and lives in Paris and Brooklyn.

Selection of Recent Solo Exhibitions

2004 Galeria Laura Marciaj, Rio de Janeira, Brazil.
2003 Marcel Sitcoske Gallery, San Francisco, USA.
2001 Sixtine, Frac Corse, Corte, France.
2000 Bye, Museo del Paço Imperial, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Pool, Downtown Art Festival at I-20 Gallery, New York, USA.
Le voile de Véronique, with Jean-Marc Cerino, GAlerie Saint Séverine, Art Culture et Foi, Paris, France.
1999 Galerie Xippas, Paris, France.
Colonnes Moris, San Francisco, USA.
Hales Gallery, London, England.
Galeria Fucares, Madrid, Spain.

Selection of Recent Group Exhibitions

2004 BAM Projects, Brooklyn Acadmey of Music, New York, USA.
Bush League at Roebling Hall, Roebling Hall, New York, USA.
Jusqu’où irez-vous?, Parcours Saint-Germain, Paris, France.
2003 Nuit Blanche, Musée Zadkine, Paris, France.
+/-5, 10, 15, 20, Le Plateau, Paris, France.
Collection NSM, Central National de la Photographie, Paris, France.
Frac des Pays de la Loire, Mayenne, France.
2002 Attack/Atraction, Marcel Sitcoske Gallery, San Francisco, USA.
Parcours Saint-Germain, Paris, France.
Murs/Murs, Château d’Angers, Angers, France.
Sport Objects Street Painting, Swatch AG, Athens, Greece.


Anne Deleporte


108 rue Vieille-du-Temple
75003 Paris, France

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