Karishma D'souza

Karishma D’Souza is a young painter who belongs to the new generation of Indian artists. In the work of D’Souza, memories of places, stories and people are containers of a psychological world. Drawn from the anchor of lived experiences, the paintings are places of acknowledgement of the dignity of journeys, of stitched together personal realities. « The past has fallen away like a bridge in an adventure game; I didn’t see it coming. The path still exists ahead of me, it needs to be run, for a while.
My paintings draw from Mughul and Pahari miniatures, the geometry and the delight in life, peacefulness, in a memory of a Rajasthani miniature painter working with a fine brush, complete concentration, within a community, where the work is without individual authorship. I look for absolute quietness in a painting, where the human figure acts as witness. It existed, it occurred, because we remember. » Karishma D’Souza