Takis : 3 totems, espace musical – Centre Pompidou, Forum, 1981

Takis : 3 totems, espace musical – Exhibition at Centre Pompidou, Forum, 1981

Film by Danielle Jaeggi

About this environment of musical and light sculptures presented, Takis says: “If these objects weren’t there, I would do something else. I did not design a shape beforehand, I simply put the elements together with a logic that was no doubt sculptural, but also technical. Of course the objects are imposing, the electric aspect a little terrifying and also nostalgic. What fascinates me is bringing out something invisible with this electron trap, which is basically the télélumière. »

Extracts from the comments collected by Alfred Pacquement for the exhibition catalog, in the magazine CNAC, n ° 7, January-February 1982.

Curator : Mnam, Alfred Pacquement

Courtesy Danielle Jaeggi.

© Centre Pompidou 1981