The illusion of a hypnosis emerges from the serenity of a geometrical succession of forms. In this geometrical ‘mini-drama’ the pathos is created by colors in movement and the languorous and repetitive beat of a piano.

Duration: 7’30”
Screening format: DV
Capture format: Super 8
Original soundtrack: O Grivo
Direction, cinematography and editing: Cao Guimarães

– “Repeat All” – Museu da Imagem e do Som – MIS. São Paulo, Brasil, 2009.
– “Up and Coming” ARCO- Feria Internacional de Arte Contemporáneo. Madrid, Spain, 2004.
– Video Lounge – Art Basel. Miami, USA- 2003
– Territórios. Instituto Tomie Ohtake. São Paulo, Brasil-2002.
– Bienal Extra. São Paulo- Brasil, 2002.
– Cinemam-Projeto Filmes de Artista. Museu de Arte Moderna- MAM. São Paulo, Brasil- 2001.
– Galeria Celma Albuquerque. Belo Horizonte, Brasil- 2001.

Courtesy: Cao Guimarães