Takis Tribute

We are pleased to launch our new online platform Cinema Room with a tribute to the great sculptor Takis, one of the most genuine artistic voices in Europe in the 1960s and who remained a ground-breaking artist until his death on August 9th, 2019. By “sending a man into space”, during his famous performance “The Impossible: A Man in Space” in 1960, Takis introduced magnetism into art. By integrating light and music in his ingenious sculptures he broke all conventions about contemporary art becoming a major figure in post-war art. Developing his work at the crossroads between art, technology and science, and engaging energy and natural forces, Takis was ahead of his time, forging a uniquely sublime visual quality of the universe. The first cinema cycle includes 3 films of Takis most significant moments in his life and artistic career presenting 3 major exhibitions from 3 different decades, as well as an interview with the artist: – Takis: Trois totems – Espace musical, Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris, France [November 18, 1981 – March 1, 1982] – Interview with Takis in his studio in Athens in 1981, realized by the Center Pompidou Audiovisual Service on the occasion of the exhibition at the Center Pompidou. – Takis Retrospective, inaugural exhibition of Ergostasio, Fine Arts School of Athens exhibition hall, Athens, Greece [December 5, 1994 – March 5, 1995] – Takis –  Tate Modern, London, UK [July 3 – October 27, 2019] His recent retrospective exhibition “Takis” at the Tate Modern is the culmination of seventy years contribution to contemporary art and it came as a timely tribute to his life’s achievements. Furthermore, MACBA Museum of Contemporary Art in Barcelona, Spain has recently hosted Takis’ latest retrospective exhibition: Takis [November 22, 2019 – September 13th, 2020].

Takis – Tate Modern, London, 2019

The largest exhibition of Takis’s work ever held in the UK, the exhibition at Tate Modern brought together over 70 works, including a rarely-seen Magnetic Fields installation, a gallery dedicated to a sequence of Takis’ Musicals, musical devices generating resonant and random sounds, and forests of Takis’ pivotal Signals.


Takis Retrospective – Fine Arts School of Athens, Greece, 1994

It was the fourth and final destination of the artist’s most important and largest institutional show after the Takis: Trois totems – Espace musical, at the Centre George Pompidou, Paris, 1981.


Takis – Interview, Athens, 1981

Interview with Takis in his studio in Athens in 1981, realized by the Center Pompidou Audiovisual Service on the occasion of the exhibition “Takis: Trois totems – Espace musical at the Center Pompidou, Forum, 1981.   Produced and realized by


Takis : 3 totems, espace musical – Centre Pompidou, Forum, 1981

About this environment of musical and light sculptures presented, Takis says: “If these objects weren’t there, I would do something else. I did not design a shape beforehand, I simply put the elements together with a logic that was no doubt sculptural, but also technical. Of course the objects are imposing, the electric aspect a little terrifying and also nostalgic. What fascinates me is bringing out something invisible with this electron trap, which is basically the télélumière. »