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Ricardo Lanzarini

2012-05-03 - 2012-07-21, Montevideo

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The exhibition includes 18 of this recent works, small and medium sized drawings in pencil and ink. Lanzarini creates his work by concatenating narratives without any hierarchy, in a time in which other people’s life is the show and in a world marked by the uncertainty and massive displacement. He masters all scales from minimum sized drawings created with the assistance of a magnifying glass to the mural drawings.

“I work from the point of view of a man who pass by the headline in a newspaper, reads it contented and deconstructs what he has read. There, from Nietzsche to religious leaders, Picassos, prisoners, works of art, museums, Karl Marx, hospitals, among others, appear in my universe to form hard metaphors of power: are brotherhoods or flocks of males who designs politics and global relations, those who build what we call ‘system’. The composition ends up being a crazy work, full of humour in his pathos.”

Thursday 3/05 - Saturday 21/07, 2012

Bartolomé Mitre 1395, 11000 Montevideo, Uruguay
tel. +598 2915 5013; +598 2915 0277