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Yves Zurstrassen


May 29 - August 28, Geneva

  • This event has passed.

Gallery Xippas Geneva is delighted to present a unique solo show of Belgian artist Yves Zurstrassen. At this occasion, a new series of works will be exhibited.

Born in 1956 in Liège, Yves Zurstrassen lives and works between Brussels, Belgium and Viens, France. Zurstrassen’s work is always moving, going from lyrical abstraction to abstract expressionism and vice versa.

The Belgian artist develops a singular creating process and uses a very particular technique that reflects the desire to go beyond temporality. His approach plays with the principle of collage and take-off of various forms of paper on successive layers of color. So the layers of pigments add up and subtract, letting emerge by fragments the skin of the canvas or the archeology of its construction. Far away from any formalism, the artist works the gesture in a wild succession of applications and withdrawals. Yves Zurstrassen confronts his spontaneous, sometimes violent, body movements with the delicacy of the floral, stellar and wave-like motives he uses. He creates wefts and networks, bringing to light the rhythm. The gesture is lyrical and makes prevail the musicality.