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leandro erlich


2021-12-29 - 2022-01-27, Punta del Este

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When new ideas begin to be generated one could also think of them as embarking on journeys … they propose movement and require us in time and space. The works are capsules that transport us, through the imagination, to different places. Like Odysseus, I have always been attracted to the idea of the journey, the displacement, and the search.

NAUTAS presents a group of recent works that channel us to travel in contemplations, curled up, glances between our sky and earth, between means and modes of transport, between imaginary and coexistence, a boat that mirrors its reflection or a reflection that mirrors its boat, a melted moon – before being colonised? static clouds suspended in a room and a traffic light that unsuccessfully regulates, which traffic? Works produced at different times, they are all passengers on the train in my search and autonomous vehicles to travel through new stories.