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Farah Atassi


March 1 - April 2, Geneva

Xippas Geneva is pleased to present an exhibition of the French-Belgian artist Farah Atassi. Born in Brussels in 1981, she is one of the most noticed painters of her generation. For her third exhibition in Geneva entitled Le repos des danseuses, the artist will unveil a set of new and unseen paintings.

Farah Atassi develops a figurative painting using the vocabulary of abstract painting. His paintings are based on a common device where the geometric pattern induces spaces in which figures and objects evolve. On a background of systematized motifs, forms of the 20th-century European avant-gardes unfold.

Her artworks are as many quotes to history of architecture, as to design and painting. Thus evolve, in the same pictorial space, references as various as the ones to Art Deco and modernist design. According to Marjolaine Levy, while « the modernism and ornament » are « two historical opponents for Farah Atassi, the crime is not the ornament, but the obligation to choose between these two paradigms. In her paintings, the modernist grid unfolds in a place, to become spatial, to then moult in a purely ornamental pattern»*.

Farah Atassi was born in 1981 in Brussels, she lives and works in Paris. Having graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris (ENSBA) in 2005, Atassi burst onto the scene within the framework of the Dynasty exhibition at the Paris Museum of Modern Art and at the Palais de Tokyo. Her work was also shown at the Pompidou Centre in the State Hermitage exhibition in 2010, which was curated by Bernard Blistène, at the Museum of Contemporary and Modern Art of Strasbourg in 2016 and at the Museum of Art, Architecture & Technology of Lisbon in 2017. Laureate of the Jean-François Prat Prize in 2012, she was nominated in 2013 for the Marcel Duchamp Prize before attending an artist-in-residency program at the New York International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP). In 2014, Le Grand Café, The Art Contemporary Center of the city of Saint-Nazaire in France and Le Portique, The Art Contemporary Center of the city of Le Havre have both organized a solo exhibition of her work as well as the Extra City Kunsthal of Antwerp in Belgium in 2015. In 2018, The Museum of Fine Arts of Cambrai (France) dedicated her a personal exhibition, as the Consortium Museum of Dijon (France) in 2019. Exhibition which was accompanied by a book published by the Presses du Réel.

Among others, her work has been acquired by the following collections: the Pompidou Centre, the National Contemporary Art Fund of France, the Louis Vuitton Foundation – LVMH, the Marciano Collection in Los Angeles and the Museum of Modern Art, Paris.

*Marjolaine Lévy, « Les modernologues », 2017, éditeur : MAMCO, Distribution : Les Presses du Réel