Marco Maggi

Through his use of simple materials manufactured for everyone’s use (such as sheets of paper, aluminum, apples, or even envelopes), the artist unfurls a topographic map of details linked to everyday life, privileging the micro over the macro, and urges us to come closer to his meticulous objects. Marco Maggi’s work is an act of resistance. It doesn’t try to be grandiloquent or shocking. Through the observation of Plexiglas cubes, which at first glance seem transparent, or seemingly white sheets, we see interlaced designs of the barren with the abundant, subtle and almost impalpable reliefs that stand out from flat surfaces, the lack of contradiction between the surface and the support, and the interdependence between the recto and the verso. These precious objects reveal to us an infinite and delicate web budding with intimate relationships and the feeling of the sublime. Acting as visual haikus – their meaning remains enigmatic – the drawings merge with the space and form a constellation of scattered forms. Delicately and tenderly, the red, yellow, or blue sheets release discreet signals that meter our pace, functioning as colored stains, shadows, or reflections. Through his use of printmaking, drawing, carving, superposition, and light, Marco Maggi always intervenes in a subtle manner in order to plunge us into the complex rhizome connecting separate universes.