Pedro Varela

Pedro Varela abdicates the ‘planner’ characteristics of design, to include it, experience it, and condense it in the painting. Varela’s work is constituted with an ever-increasing consistency. Even in his paintings, the instance of the drawing and its subtle delicacy – characteristics of phases of once – are present. The watery acrylic employed by the artist rearranges what we could otherwise think of as an error. The overflow of the ink is not a fluke. Instead, marks, textures and stains weave an atmosphere that reinforces the idea that nature is fluctuating. That ethereal side, built on a play of shadows and volumes, denotes the suspension of matter. In the work of Varela, the “traditional model” of still life is replaced by vegetation inhabiting the boundary between fantasy and reality.

  • Día de fiesta

    Aug - Nov, 2017
  • Natura

    Punta del Este
    Dec - Dec, 2016
  • MIX

    Punta del Este
    Mar - Apr, 2016
  • Cono Sur

    Punta del Este
    Dec - Apr, 2015
  • Latina

    Feb - Mar, 2014