James Siena

James Siena is a pivotal artist in the New York art scene, particularly known for his creative process based on self-imposed parameters that he terms visual algorithms. By establishing a base unit that he infinitely and obsessively repeats, Siena takes possession of the surface plane in order to focus on complex geometric and abstract forms. James Siena’s work explores numerous mediums, including lithography, engraves, drawing, and paintings of enamel on aluminum, a technique that characterizes his work since the 1990s. The rigorous mathematical process adopted by James Siena and the industrial technique of enamel on aluminum obscures neither the artist’s presence of hand nor the fragility of his lightest touch, which he applies and endlessly repeats. The motion Siena creates, at once rational and poetic, confront us with an optical riddle that mixes chance and order, where the leitmotiv distinguishes itself in a group that at first glance appeared uniform. The little spaces, similar to fetishes, totems, or icons, concentrate a unique and hypnotic energy that invites the onlooker to choose his own path between the lines and to give himself over to the metaphysical experience.