Bertille Bak

Dedicated to observing societies and to the accurate analysis of a site, Bertille Bak delves into communities and the groups by becoming a member and examining their rituals, gestures, and objects, which she later uses in her projects. In collaboration with the individuals she meets, she constructs narratives between fiction and documentaries where poetry and utopias usurp the simple assessment of a situation. Whether it concerns her own community in the mining areas of Northern France or groups that are unfamiliar to her, she never chooses to distance herself or look on from afar. On the contrary, it is all about sharing a passage of life, a struggle, a resistance. Understanding the organization between individuals, listing their personal and collective histories, traditions and folklores, their hobbies and revolts is central to the work of Bertille Bak. No matter what the project, Bertille Bak develops a work focused on the collective with mankind at its heart. Her work believes in the possibility of inventing together different ways of approaching and appreciating reality.