rita fischer

Rita Fischer’s work might be associated with a renewed approach to the landscape tradition, although the horizon and perspective, the fundamental and defining elements of the genre, are not present in her paintings. The artist uses the tonal variety and chromatic complexity to represent elements of nature: plants, branches, leaves or tree bark that remind of the indigenous forests of the Uruguayan countryside. Yet far from seeking realism, these elements and signs do not provide a complete representation of these thickets, and the feeling of symbiosis in the face of nature does not seem to come. On the contrary, these signs are linked and completed by purely abstract elements, such as the large marks and colour planes which have a significant place in Rita Fischer’s works.

The image created by the artist, strongly semantically ambiguous, generates a climate of uncertainty, perplexity, and desire. When we stop and look at these hermetic, unstable scenographies, inhabited by conflicts and tensions, slowly a feeling comes to us: the feeling of witnessing an epiphany, which reveals a singular beauty.