Yvan Salomone

You would think that Yvan Salomone’s work had all the right ingredients for the most banal regional scenario of picturesque, anecdotal art. But in Salomone’s case that never happened. He never fell for the quaint pleasures of the Sunday painter but began instead to explore the problematics of what we generally agree to call modernity. Salomone works to a program. A self-imposed one. He is like other contemporary artists who are aware that discipline is no longer imposed from outside (by the academy or patron) but produced by the work itself. His program is as follows: 1) one watercolor per week, no more, no less; 2) each watercolor to be based on a photograph taken on-site (ports of ST. Malo, Shanghaï, Rotterdam); 3) all watercolors the same size, 145 x 145 cm; 4) no human figures or sudden movements in the images. These were the main guidelines and convention. They leave  him free to explore what’s left – the play of invention, the meanders of poetics. One properly framed and circumscribed, accidental effects can only be peaceful occurrences within a circular duration. Salomone works in a loop, a ring-shaped time frame.

Pierre Sterckx, « Yvan Salomone Liquid Values », art press, no 228