Philippe Ramette

Most well known for his staged photographs of physically improbable situations, Philippe Ramette simultaneously clarifies and complicates ways of how we see and view the world. To experience an exhibition by Philippe Ramette is to enter a field of questions regarding what is tangible, or what can constitute the physically plausible.
In the work of Philippe Ramette, drawings play the role of schematic drafts for fleeting conceptual whims. They often represent a sort of crystallization of absurdist propositions, dreamlike notions where the laws of physics and logic no longer hold sway. Consequently, his indexical-scale sculptures present a similar will to illustrate the possibilities for entropy within the realm of the rational. The artist feeds off of banal experience to expose its potentially uncanny cracks, or to propose extra-ordinary associations that serve to show the precariousness nature of the codes that govern our daily lives. If one were to summarize the meta-narrative driving the work of Philippe Ramette, one might say that he rationalizes the irrational by defying the world of physical laws, thus rendering his improbable propositions plausible.