Raha Raissnia

Raha Raissnia describes her work as belonging to the field of “Expanded Cinema” in which simultaneous practices of painting, live projection and installation create the corpus of a work that declines itself materially in painting, drawing, filmmaking, and now photography. In Raha Raissnia’s work influences and references are very carefully selected from high-art and popular culture alike, such as architectural drawings, the labyrinthic twists and turns of 20th Century “Wild Style” graffiti, and Classical Islamic calligraphy. The tension between paradoxes like futuristic and ancient, moving and still, density and emptiness, qualifies her dreamlike vision of our emerging bio-synthetic future. « The subject matter that gets revealed in many of my images is about the vulnerability of human existence in the violence of technology that is both evolutionary and destructive, » writes Raissnia.