Rolf Julius, Performance (1988) at Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh. Copyright Mattress Factory, Pittsburgh. Courtesy estate rolf julius & Mattress Factory.

This intimate performance took place at the Mattress Factory museum in Pittsburgh (US), on the fifth floor at 500 Sampsonia Way. Scattered on the floor solar panels neighbored loudspeakers, bowls, tape-players, etc. The elements were interconnected with delicate lines of electronic wires which were constantly rearranged and recomposed by Rolf Julius’ subtle gestures. He created a whole ecosystem and turned it into a musical instrument, “playing” on it whilst making it change and evolve. Moving throughout the space, Rolf Julius manipulated the recording, modulating sounds by interrupting the power source of the solar panels. Sometimes he covered the speakers or the bowls with paper which would tremble from the sound vibrations. Sometimes he placed little sticks on them. He sound-painted in space with light and objects, fusing the acts of hearing and seeing into one. Transforming the space into a zone of meditative contemplation and open awareness.