Micro-revolution (ep. 2) // Global Myopia : 8 Minute Line

8 Minute Line, 2020. A film by Sylvia Meyer (music), Ugo Carmeni (photography) and Marco Maggi (work on paper). Copyright Marco Maggi. Courtesy the artist and Xippas.


We are pleased to share with you the second episode of Micro-revolution with 8 Minute Line, a “photo with video vocation”, as Marco Maggi puts it. 8 Minute Line is his most recent collaboration with Sylvia Meyer (music) and Ugo Carmeni (photography). Transforming the screen into a window of a car or of a train (or maybe some other vehicle), it shows us a slowly moving landscape of a sheet of paper. The film makes us travel someplace else: into the parallel realm of a micro-world. World, in which tiny geometric shapes are scattered here and there like multi-colored stars and train or car noise is turned into music.