Nights Full of Light : Galvanoscope 4 (2019)

Raha Raissnia, Galvanoscope 4 (2019).
©Raha Raissnia. Courtesy of the artist and Xippas.

Galvanoscope 4 is a video documenting a live performance in Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, in 2019. Breaking away from the conventional cinematic screen, the 16mm film is projected through a semi-transparent hanging mobile to create an architectural installation that paints with light and diffuses the image through layers of screen and shadow.

As Raha Raissnia explains, “The film used in this performance was made from re-photographing and re-filming parts of a series of found slides documenting an abandoned 14th century mosque that I mixed and layered with imagery I filmed directly from surfaces of some of my paintings. Much play and attention has been given to both moving and still imagery, as well as texture and tone.”