Marco Maggi : Micro-revolution

On the occasion of the upcoming Marco Maggi’s personal show in our Paris gallery, Xippas is happy to dedicate new episode of Cinema Room to his work. Micro-revolution, a program by Marco Maggi, will consist of two chapters featuring two separate films, gradually introducing you into the artist’s vertiginous universe of detail and precision.


Marco Maggi, an iconic Uruguayan artist, transforms simple materials manufactured for everyone’s use (such as sheets of paper, aluminum, Plexiglas, envelops) into a topographic map of details, alluding to everyday life and privileging the micro over the macro. Whether it is through cutouts or drawings, in situ installations or sculptures, he urges us to come closer and pay attention to meticulous and invisible from far objects. To slow down too, what seems so necessary in our fast moving and informationally overloaded world.

Micro-revolution (ep. 2) // Global Myopia : 8 Minute Line

We are pleased to share with you the second episode of Micro-revolution with 8 Minute Line, a “photo with video vocation”, as Marco Maggi puts it. 8 Minute Line is his most recent collaboration with Sylvia Meyer (music) and Ugo Carmeni (photography). Transforming the screen


Micro-revolution (ep. 1) // Global Myopia : Language in Residence

As an offering in a such hot summer and a first part of Micro-revolution, we are pleased to share with you Global Myopia: Language in Residence, a film by María Inés Arrillaga and Marco Maggi from 2015. The film will transport