Raha Raissnia : Nights Full of Light

We are happy to announce a new chapter of our Cinema Room featuring Nights Full of Light, a video program by Raha Raissnia. The program will include two of Raha Raissnia’s artworks – two captivating films, inviting you to wander about the streets of a fantastic city, full of shadows and light.


Raha Raissnia is an artist of Iranian origin based in New York. Her practice is situated on the crossroad of painting, drawing and filmmaking, interconnected and enveloped one in another. She usually associates her work with Expanded Cinema practices, as she manipulates cinema’s structural elements in regards to space, time, frame, projectors and screen in live performances and loop installation. Her work is layered and permutational and combines old ways of film-making and new technologies.


Raha Raissnia creates architectural and mazy spaces which combine abstract and figurative elements. They seem to incarnate movement and develop on their own. Sometimes such spaces are inhabited with phantom-like human figures, sometimes remain empty. Temples and shadowy streets of fantastic cities, arenas and structures that remind of scaffoldings, Raha Raissnia’s imagery crosses multiple references and interlaces different timelines. Memories of the past melt down to form a dreamlike vision of our bio-synthetic future.

Nights Full of Light : Galvanoscope 4 (2019)

Galvanoscope 4 is a video documenting a live performance in Microscope Gallery, Brooklyn, in 2019. Breaking away from the conventional cinematic screen, the 16mm film is projected through a semi-transparent hanging mobile to create an architectural installation that paints with


Nights Full of Light : Mine Brook (2011)

Mine Brook is a much older performance that took place at Saint Cecilia’s Convent in Brooklyn, NY in 2011. Composed using two 35mm slide projectors, one super 8 film projector, and one 16mm film projector, this intricate, multimedia film work


Nights Full of Light : Interview with Raha Raissnia (Persian BBC)

As a bonus video, we are delighted to share with you Raha Raissnia’s interview with Persian BBC from 2020.