Bertille Bak: Work and Play

We are very pleased to share with you Work and Play, a new chapter of our video program featuring two films by Bertille Bak: La Brigada, one of her recent productions from 2018 and Court n°4 (2014), a sequel of her first Courts from 2007.


Bertille Bak is a major French artist famous for her ethnologically oriented dedication to observing societies and sociological interest for transcribing the real. She delves into communities and the groups by becoming a trusted member and investigates their rituals, gestures, and objects, which she later uses in her projects. In collaboration with the individuals she meets, Bertille Bak constructs narratives between fiction and documentaries where poetry dominates the simple assessment of a situation.


Rich in visual metaphors and allegories, her films are theatrical, filled with humor and derision, but also slightly melancholic. Preoccupied by social question, they show us vanishing worlds and immerse the viewer into life of invisible and silenced societies.

Work and Play : La Brigada

“La Brigada” unfolds around a group of shoeblacks in la Paz, who wear balaclava. “In Bolivia, faceless men and women, ghostly figures try to catch the eye of the passers-by by tapping on small wooden boxes”, as the artist explains,


Work and Play: Court n°4

To contrast “La Brigada”, “Court n°4” offers us a break and creates an interlude, a moment of pause. In Bertille Bak’s work, the short films, started in 2007, are portraits featuring inhabitants of an old mining town. They communicates a