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Farah Atassi

November 11 @ 11:00 am - December 22 @ 6:30 pm, Geneva

Exhibition from November 11th to December 22nd, 2017

Opening on Saturday an Sunday November 11th and 12th from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Rue des Sablons 6 and rue des Bains 61, 1205 Geneva.


The Galerie Xippas is delighted to present an exhibition by the Franco-Belgian painter Farah Atassi. At the occasion of her second exhibition in Geneva, she will present a brand new series of canvases.

Farah Atassi develops a figurative painting using the vocabulary of abstract painting. Her paintings deal with thick layers and repentance that contrast with the rigidity of straight lines. Similar to a collage, they meticulously combine anachronistic forms with contradictory appearances, borrowed from sculpture, painting, and design.

Each composition is rooted, since 2012 and especially in this exhibition, in the binary of background and figure or background and object. This universal theme is explored in vernacular forms and in the all-over paintings. A grid made of adhesive tape orients the spectator’s perspective of the painting and its lines break and unwind into a geometric labyrinth. The background is populated with objects and shapes made of synthetic forms and virtual symbols. These gaps are full of tension and lend energy to the composition while her use of a refined color palette provides the rhythm.

In the first part of the exhibition, Atassi delves into the graphic aspect of cubism to unearth forms, rework them, and integrate them into her pictorial universe. Drawing on a rich history from great artists, she appropriates some of the classic themes of painting such as still life, nude, and atelier. She then applies her own protocol to them in these displays. The artist is also inspired by the psychedelic aesthetic of the 1970s and the theories behind the musicalist movement as developed by Henry Valensi. In the manner of op art, these full and complex compositions generate the effects of optical illusions enabling space and objects to blur together. Therefore the paintings transform into vibrant surfaces that create an immersive experience.


Farah Atassi was born in 1981 in Brussels, she lives and works in Paris. Having graduated from the National School of Fine Arts in Paris (ENSBA) in 2005, Atassi burst onto the scene at La Ferme du Buisson, at the Montrouge Salon, and within the framework of the Dynasty exhibition at the Paris Museum of Modern Art and at the Palais de Tokyo. Her work was also shown at the Pompidou Centre in the State Hermitage exhibition in 2010, which was curated by Bernard Blistène. Laureate of the Jean-François Prat Prize in 2012, she was nominated in 2013 for the Marcel Duchamp Prize before attending an artist-in-residency program at the New York International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP). In 2014, Le Grand Café, The Art Contemporary Center of the city of Saint-Nazaire in France and Le Portique, The Art Contemporary Center of the city of Le Havre have both organized a solo exhibition of her work. In 2018, The Museum of Fine Arts of Cambrai (France) will also dedicate her a personal exhibition. Among others, her work has been acquired by the following collections: the Pompidou Centre, the National Contemporary Art Fund of France, the Louis Vuitton Foundation – LVMH, the Marciano Collection in Los Angeles and the Museum of Modern Art, Paris.

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Saturday 11/11 - Friday 22/12, 2017

Rue des Sablons 6 & Rue des Bains 61, 1205, Geneva, Switzerland
tel. +41 22 321 94 14 fax +41 22 320 39 04